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Transforming How Employee Healthcare Is Delivered And Experienced

Rise advanced technology and customized care teams empower people, saving employers time and money.


Build an employer-based healthcare ecosystem to make optimal wellness accessible, affordable and engaging for all

Leverage the power of advanced technology to save time and money.

Provide personalized care teams of practitioners and Rise coaches to each employee.

Inspire a culture of wellbeing so employees can perform at their very best.

The Healthcare We've All Been Waiting For

Has Arrived

Member Experience

Healthier Employees Are Productive Employees

Members get the tools they need to achieve improved wellness and a healthier work/life balance, ultimately boosting workplace productivity, culture and morale.

Connected And Engaged

Members are part of a highly-engaging, personalized wellness community they can interact with as much or as little as they want.

A Lifelong Journey To Wellness

Members are in control of goals they set, in partnership with a personalized health coach and Rise Care Team. These relationships are part of a lifelong journey to better health. 

Rise Care Teams

Companions on your Journey

Rise Care practitioners and coaches work with members to identify goals and build a personalized roadmap to health. Each Care Team consists of a primary care doctor, a nurse practitioner, a nutritionist, a psychologist, and a health coach. The Rise Care Team is always on-hand to help members with health questions, 24/7. No silos.

Holistic First

Rise Care practitioners and coaches are holistic and integrative, focused on preventative measures and evidence-based treatment. Whatever an individual's health status may be, Rise strives to out-care the competition by integrating all aspects of wellbeing (physical, mental, emotional, and social).

The Rise Platform

Leverage the power of technology to make wellness accessible, affordable and engaging

The Rise Platform unites members, providers and payers in a complete health ecosystem, backed by leading edge technology. Members are free to invest their money how, when, and where they want and change benefits as they go, without having to wait for open enrollment.

Save Money

The Rise Platform streamlines the entire care delivery process, providing employers with an analytic dashboard of employee health and cost savings insights. Rise partners with employers to help them reach their business goals.

Attract and Retain Talent

The Rise Platform is optimized for employee engagement & transformation, helping employers attract and retain the very best talent. Companies with Rise are companies who care.

Rise connects the entire care delivery process, creating a superior experience for all stakeholders (payors, providers, and patients), giving employers more visibility and control over their benefits.


built to optimize member wellbeing 24/7


smart technology helps members design their own roadmap to health


streamline administrative headaches and hassles to save time and money


a fully integrated health benefits ecosystem in the palm of your hand

Ready to Transform Healthcare?

We're always looking for good people who share our mission to shake up the status quo.

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