Define the amount you'll contribute and let Rise maximize your contribution for employee productivity, satisfaction and overall wellbeing.

See what Rise can do for your organization.

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"Rise is the benefits partner I've always wanted."
- John Doe, CEO, Some Company

Happier employees. Lower cost.

Rise defines its success by helping people take an active role in their health. Rise is personalized to each individual to create a fun and engaging experience that leverages benefits to make happier, more productive employees.

Let HR focus on humans, not process.

Humans are a business's most valuable resource. That's why we have an entire department dedicated to them! Rise makes managing health benefits a breeze so your HR team can focus where they're most valuable: your employees.

Good for employees. Good for business

Rise uses the data it collects to help businesses better understand their employees. You can leverage this information to align incentives, retain employees, and drive better outcomes. Transparency, trust, and consistency are built into every aspect of Rise. Get access to your claims data faster, understand your cost and eliminate the broker.