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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of switching to Rise?

Same security as traditional insurance, but with countless benefits. To start, improved long term health of your employees while saving your company money. Access to healthcare professionals not covered by your current benefits.

What do my employees get?

Access to a full care team. Medical doctor, nurse practitioner, psychologist, nutritionists, and health coaches. In the palm of your employees’ hand. Benefits go beyond primary health. Our flexible benefit management allows you to customize the care you offer your employees and lets them personalize their plan by choosing additional elective benefits (yoga classes, financial coaching, or mental health) that are best for them.

Are my employees locked into Rise’s care for 12 months?

No, Rise can be cancelled, or benefits changed on a monthly basis. New employees can also be added on a monthly basis.

What is the cost of implementing Rise?

Many factors play into this.  Rise is the member, the provider, and the payer. This allows us to offer unprecedented levels of holistic care at costs far lower than traditional insurers. The average saving is predicted to be 2/3rds of traditional costs.

Are there any companies/employers already using Rise’s services?

There are companies in IL, AZ, TX, and FL that are enrolled and ready to begin.  We launch August 1st and begin onboarding these members.

Can employees access their care team at any time, day or night?

Yes, they can access the app at any time. Day or night. However, the care team is available during primary business hours 8:00am to 5:00pm. If members access the mobile app outside of business hours our technology will determine if they are in need of emergency care, and if they do they will be contacted by our on-call team.

What if an individual unfortunately encounters a medical emergency and is rushed to the E.R. or must call 911 for an ambulance?

We ask that the patient and/or their family alert us as soon as possible so our benefits concierge can ensure care will be covered.

What if employees already have a doctor they want to see?

We urge new members to give our team a fair chance. Our care teams are highly trained in holistic and preventative medicine. We don’t know what kind of care they’ve been receiving, but we do know that our teams will provide the highest level of care possible. If members are seeing specialists, we will work to contract with those outside doctors and clinics to continue the specific care they need.

This sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. We simply wanted to improve healthcare and make it affordable and easy to access for everyone, and we have figured out how to do that. And we found the missing link, technology.

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